We are <PINTEN, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Bucharest, made exclusively of people passionate about their work. We’re in love with branding, by the way. In our culture “pinten” means spur. <PINTEN became that positive impulse or creative kick which we transfer to entrepreneurs like yourself through great design. So, using purpose and esthetics, we help you move faster from idea to action and bring your sustainable business a step closer to its purpose.

As designers we are problem solvers. We love branding(you already know that), design projects and entrepreneurs who challenges us to the boiling point of our imagination. At <PINTEN, we belief that all great projects start with a great design! Massimo Vignelli said: “We love design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless”. We agree 105%.


For every project, we use the best practice in the field so we can fulfill your expectations and achieve the best possible results. We believe that the most authentic solutions are found together with you. We encourage an open and honest dialogue. Meaningful design along with innovation represent an important part of our everyday lives, therefore at <PINTEN we developed a strong design thinking, which eventually will help us (we and you) to make and live in a better world.


Great! You have an idea in which you strongly believe.


You talk and we listen. Then we put a lot of questions.


After the complete research, we develop a strong plan of attack.


Powerful concepts will follow our strategy. May the best win.


With your purpose in mind we put our esthetic skills at work.


It's time for fine tunings and let the great implementation begin.