Build the best version of your brand

Just like a human being, any organization is a living creature. With tons of brains, emotion and curiosity. But how do we cultivate the best version of our organization, of our brand, eventually?


I strongly believe that being in a constant state of upgrading the version of ourselves, is the key. We fix the bugs from the previous version, we pay attention to the market and come up with new solutions for old and new problems our customers are dealing with, then we release the new version. And then what? We restart the process, of course.


A few days ago, I had the great opportunity of meeting with one of the founders of a Fortune 500 company. A remarkable experience, not a doubt about it. I will not give his name but I assure you he designed his business from scratch. I want to share with you the most important lessons I learned that day.


Lesson number one is grit.

Lesson number two is grit.

And lesson number three is grit.


A big “Thanks!” to Angela Lee Duckworth for her devotion in studying positive psychology.

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