How much do you consider branding?

How much do you consider branding before taking the risk of becoming an entrepreneur?¬†I’ll be happy to be on the same page with you if the answer is “Big time!”


Indeed, giving the right amount of attention to your future brand is the best decision you can actually make before¬†jumping into real business. I know, as many of you might also, how important and challenging is to communicate your good intentions in your customer’s language. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a pain in the ass.


Luckily, there is a species of people called brand designers who can save the day of many entrepreneurs. And when it comes to truly passionate designers (a.k.a. problem solvers), you should not hesitate to involve them into your branding process.



Linguistically, it is a Romanian word because we’re proud of our roots. It means “spur” and it represents that positive impulse or creative kick which we transfer to entrepreneurs like yourself through great design. So, using purpose and esthetics, we help you move faster from idea to action and bring your sustainable business a step closer to its purpose.

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